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You have two choices:

#1: You can work with Dr. Carney and become a contributing AUTHOR is his up and coming book that you can be featured in.

There are a number of bonuses that will go with this particular offer. The cost is only $300.00 You can PayPal him the entry fee to his account at '[email protected]' or set up a discovery call for 15 minutes with him.

#2: You can get all his bonuses, plus the book funnel, the four week private coaching and consulting workshops where you'll work with him privately for only 3 payments of $839.00.

Don't wai-oldt! This offer is only good for the next 72 hours.

If you have some concerns about working with him on #2, just reach out to him immediately at:

bookandmoney.com/call Schedule your meeting if and only if you're ready to move forward with option #1 or #2.

Choose your plan

Money Back Conditional Guarantee

#1 Collaborating Author

PayPal Dr. Carney $300 USD

#2 Books2Profit PRO

3 payments of $830 USD

Limited Spots Avai-oldlable*

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