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Want to increase your online sales by learning the secrets of the best online entrepreneurs and business owners in the world? 

Join The Make Money Mastermind, For Less Than The Cost Of Lunch!
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Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get If You Invest In The $9 Monthly Q and A Mastermind Today... PERIOD.

  • Bonus #1 ($750 Value)

    This One-on-One Consulting for one half hour when scheduled with Dr. Carney which ultimately makes it super simple to get a lot of your content marketing and sales copy created so you're able to market your books, websites, content, blog posts consistently without all the hassles and challenges (which means you can expand your audience, create larger emai-oldl lists, change your lifestyle, get rid of debt and change the world).

  • Bonus #2 ($10,000 Value)

    This recorded one hour private intense trai-oldning makes it a "snap" to learn how to create a book or ultimate business card that gets read and acted upon which helps you generate tons of buyer leads so you instantly set yourself apart from anyone else in your niche (and that means you'll be able to sell what you offer the world on a weekly basis).

  • Bonus #3 ($10,000 Value)

    This behind the scenes trai-oldning gives you the exact language and presentation skills that have helped Dr. Carney make the money he makes on a monthly basis. It gives you the secret to get you all the marketing and sales copy you need to move forward quickly. You will not get stuck on copy and content, so you're able to market yourself across social media, YouTube, Facebook and other platforms (so you can give your family the lifestyle they deserve so you are more or less bulletproofed) without getting stuck on something that holds you back.

  • BiMonthly "Live" Q and A Masterclasses ($3,000 Value) You Get For Only $9/month

    This BiMonthly "live" trai-oldning is the shortcut for you to stay up to date in the world of book marketing and how you can turn your business into a REAL business that can then turn into a consulting and coaching business if you can just talk and ask questions of people (so you will share your God given gifts and make an even greater impact on your community).

  • Dr. Carney's Interactive, Book He Created For His Mentor, Joel Bauer ($497 Value)

    This roadmap makes it simple to know exactly which emotional words to use and when which lets you quickly create the marketing and sales messages you need (which means you can focus on building and scaling your business rather than struggling to figure out what words to use in your copy to make people take out their credit cards and say YES to you).

  • Total Value: $21,247.00

    Today starting at only: $9/month and our guarantee is you can cancel at anytime if you're not happy.

    Special Price Just For YOU is ONLY $9

    Yes, I Want To Join The MasterMind

    Funnels. Content & Copy. Emai-oldls. Bigger Profits. 

    • Discover how to get hundreds of new customers and clients... without spending lots of money 

    • Transform customer/client relationships into long term clients

    • Learn the easiest ways to create residual sales each and every month.

    • Move people from suspects to prospects then buying, raving fans

    • Work with like-minded people that can help you get over your fear of talking on video

    • Learn how to take a dull boring website and turn it into an ATM Money producing website with a few clicks.

    • Finally create a book that everyone wants to read and respond to

    • Move your content on your website to the next level

    • Discover the one thing that makes people BUY

    • Emotionalize your book and websites so everyone who reads it has a KLT moment with you

    • Discover the secret of people getting to know you before they ever meet you

    Our experts and elite members are experts in virtually every kind of online marketing you can think of.

    You ask, we'll answer and if we can't, they will so this mastermind will increase your business profits.

    Join The MasterMind For $9

    Features?  No.  Benefits?  Yes!

    You are not going to gifted a bunch of useless features. You are going to be gifted a bunch of weekly benefits.

  • Monthly membership with access to our private mastermind community group.

    (Value $15,000 per year)

  • New experts every month on media buying, emai-oldl marketing, copywriting, funnel design, and much, much more. (Value $10,000+ per year)

  • Cancel anytime. No contracts. Zero risk! One flat affordable monthly fee.

  • Twice a month consulting and question session ($1750 value per hour)

  • Join Now!

    How Do We Compare To The Competition?

    • We Won't Ask For $99 Every Month!

    • Don't worry. We're not going to ask you for $99 every month. Our membership fees are worth more than $99 per month, but we wanted to share this knowledge and know-how with like minded people who want to help their families the best way possible. We’re here to make this membership not only affordable, but an amazing experience, each and every month. That’s why we're asking only $9 per month. It’s affordable, and barely covers our costs, but we’re here to serve you so you’ll tell your friends about this amazing low cost membership.

    • A Website Won't Make You Money!

    • Have you ever heard that phrase before? Well it's true. A nice looking website is great to look at, but it’s not enough. When you work with us you get the copy, the layouts, the templates, the video instructions, the necessary graphics so you can give your customers that little nudge that we call the impulse to buy immediately. 

    • Forget The Jargon.

    • We’re not like everyone else. We’re a small company with a small team and we’re not here to confuse you with words like “funnel” “squeeze page'' or “landing page”. We are going to show you step by step, move by move, how and why things work so you can become independent, not codependent.

    • A Growing Community Mastermind Format.

    • Our Community Mastermind Q & A Format. This group coaching and consulting Q and A format on ZOOM allows you to network with like-minded people, fine tune your funnel and website content, plus get to know people that are on a similar journey as you. You will never be alone and left to all the tech. This Q and A eliminates all of that nonsense.

    • Ongoing Support.

    • Best-In-Class ongoing support. We care about our clients and we won't build anyone a fancy website, get the money, then forget them. We’re here for the long haul. We’re going to support you twice a month on our Q and A Zoom sessions. That means you’ll have access to all the recorded Q & A sessions plus we’re even going to throw in some additional weekly gifts and trai-oldnings. We’ve got a lot to give and we’ll never stop as long as you’re a member.

    • Easy, Simple To Follow Steps.

    • Easy, simple to follow steps. We follow a simple three-step formula, so you’ll never be forced to watch a long, 2-hour video on how to do something. Just sit back, make sure you’re on the Q & A’s, ask questions, and you’ll be set. We’re going to take the mystery out of making money online.

    You Will Be Noticed And Listened Too Here...

    Don't forget. This is a mastermind. If you don't know the difference yet, you will soon.

  • You’ll have accountability partners that help you step-by-step to take your processes to the next level.

  • On the masterminds you’re finally going to be able to understand the TECH part because if you don’t have a functioning website, you don’t have a lot.

  • You'll discover the principles of copywriting so you’ll be able to write sales letters, emai-oldls, blog posts, books and social media ads fluently if you want.

  • Working with us you’ll know how to set up your high level, compelling and converting emai-oldls from scratch, even if you have no experience at all.

  • As a member and contributor, you’ll be able to determine how to develop friendly and appealing content that will help you get more sales almost on autopilot.

  • You'll master how to design high-converting and beautiful-looking websites/funnels for all your offers, no matter what kind of offer you’re making to your audience.

  • Most people do not find their message to market matches, but working with us will allow you to figure out the process for getting you some highly-qualified leads through writing “lead generating books” where people hang on your every word.

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    Real testimonials.

    What our clients have to say about the results we helped them generate - results may vary.

    “I've known Doctor Ivan Carney for well over a decade and have (very!) fortunately gotten to know him on a deeper level in the last several months. Doc Ivan's not only a green beret of direct marketing and a consummate direct mai-oldl mind, but an original and incisive thinker who sees the marketing universe through a unique lens.There's no shortage of marketers who "talk the talk." They represent the overwhelming majority of the "static" that fills the ai-oldrwaves every day. Doctor Carney "walks the walk" and he can be counted on to produce that rare treasure of the business world: RESULTS!”

    - Lawrence Bernstein

    “Dr. Carney, in an extremely short time, two weeks to be exact, has helped me to write my book. His expertise is amazing because he knows exactly how to put words together that keep the readers attention and literally explode off of the page! Dr. Carney’s talents, combined with his genuine caring spirit, makes him a truly special person that you will want to work for you.”

    - Diane Taylor CEO

    “I've known Doc Carney since at least 2013. He has been a sounding board for me on the development of new trai-oldning programs, he has edited my copy, written copy for me, spoken at my trai-oldning events, helped me land pai-oldd speaking and consulting gigs, adjusted my neck, and one time, when my infant daughter hurt her arm, he met us in a parking lot in between our homes on a Saturday morning to diagnose and adjust her arm, which we knew was effective because she immediately stopped crying. If that's not a great human being, I don't know what is.”

    - WES SCHAEFFER The Sales Whisperer 

    “Without Ameer’s help and expertise, I would never have been able to set up my website so quickly and start monetizing so soon! I can’t wai-oldt to start helping people!”

    Irina Kondakova


    “The investment was rather inexpensive and absolutely getting 100X the value then what I pai-oldd! I can now build my websites and funnels to profit.”

    Duane Lehr


    100% Conversions After Working With Dr. Carney

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    • Are you ready to make more money?

    • Are You tired of struggling with the tech?

    • Do you want high level coaching on a weekly basis?

    • Do you want a step by step move by move process that can take your from zero to hero? (This offer can be taken away at anytime.

    Simple & Easy

    Simply choose the price point that works best for you. Cancel payments anytime... Note all prices are in USD currency. 

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  • Pick your price point: ($9/mth or $129 annually)

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    Only click the button once, let the secure payment gateway load. 

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    • Receive your private emai-oldl confirmation and join the mastermind group.

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    Your Questions Answered

    What If I don’t have any experience?

    That’s a great question and I’d like to start off with a story. A long time ago a man told me, “Doc, I remember when I was younger. I’d ask for a hard labor job that didn’t pay squat but since I was so young, no one wanted to hire me. I was only making $1.25 but they still didn’t hire me. They told me, ‘You don’t have any experience.’ My immediate question to them was, ‘if I don’t have any experience, how am I going to get any if you don’t hire me?’” If you don’t have any experience, join this elite membership, learn vicariously through other people’s experiences and save yourself the 10-15 year learning curve. This mastermind is for all levels of experience, so make sure you become a member today and make sure you read and watch everything you’re sent. Ameer and myself are experts at what we do and you’ll become one as well because we’re not going to hold anything back. We’re going to show you how to do what you’ve always wanted to do in less time and with less effort, so hang on. You’re going to love working with us twice a month.

    What if I don’t get any results? Click here.

    As a doctor, you can’t guarantee results, but let me just say this. For the current BETA membership fee of only $9 currently, you’d be crazy not to become a member. (If this changes and we for some strange reason don’t change this, just be aware. We don’t have to. It’s our website and if we make a mistake, we make a mistake. We’re not perfect, but we make progress.) If you don’t get ANY results, I will personally tell you the secret to making this work better in the future. “Look in the mirror. Your problem is right in front of you.” Let me just say this as well. If you were hired by me and you didn’t get results from me right away, would you fire me and hire someone else? Would you give them a few hours to produce results and make you money? No, I’m sure you would not, so please, don’t try and hold us up with, “I’m not getting any results.” We’re going to give you so much for so little that if you’re not happy with yourself, (your results) then just take down your tent and leave. No hard feelings but I will guarantee you this. No one is going to give you more for less than we do. This is a measly $9 a month. People throw away more than $9 each and every month. This is an investment in your future. Results with Q and A’s are never guaranteed and never will be at this ridiculous price. I think this is a great question, but this is our answer. If you are unhappy with what you see and hear on the Q and A, emai-oldl us. We’ll talk and find out if it’s a viable question. If our answer doesn’t satisfy you, and you’re just not able to do anything without someone hand feeding you, then please... cancel and move on. We’re not being mean. We just don’t have the time to deal with someone that nit picks. Wrong people. Wrong match.

    Can I do this at my own pace? Click here.

    This is a Q & A. You will be invited as a member twice a month. The sessions will last ONE HOUR. We respect your time, and you’re going to get the best of the best in that one hour every other week. All this means is we’re going to help as many people as we can in the span of those 2 hours per month. That hour is a long time if you’re working with one client, but we’re going to be working with a number of people. I told Ameer today, “Let’s give them a meeting AGENDA. You have three items to teach, and I have three items to teach. If we don’t have a lot of questions in between, we’ll be able to get those three things each and everyone should be super happy.”

    What happens after Q and A ends? Click here.

    That’s an easy answer. That depends 100% on you. If you take notes, and I highly recommend that, and you create a list of things to do for two weeks until the next session, you’re going to be moving along at a good clip. We will not be answering questions via emai-oldl, text or phone. Those are private coaching and consulting questions, and that means you want private coaching, which is fine. If you want that type of coaching, just reach out to Ameer or myself and we’ll make it happen. Just make sure you have your credit card information ready as we always have you prepay for the services. That way this one component is out of the way. We’ll always, always, always overdeliver. All you have to do is take action. That’s why we feel this BETA Group at $9 is a good starting point. And if we do go up to say $19/month or $27/month, you’ll always be grandfathered in at the original $9/month until you leave. If you leave and come back, you’ll pay what the going rate is at that time. Life never ends. Challenges are always there, so just make sure you’re present, taking notes and moving forward. If you just do that you’re going to be amazed at what this Q and A will do for your confidence, outlook and energy. There will be some LIVE events where you may be featured, and that in and of itself will be worth 10 times your monthly investment. To keep you informed you’ll also be getting access to something we call a hotline so if something new comes up we’ll send you a video, an audio, a text, or maybe even an emai-oldl.

    Do you have any guarantees? Click here.

    As I’ve already mentioned. With our fees for this Q and A Mastermind Membership being so inexpensive, there are no guarantees and I’m sure you understand that. I’m not going to waste a lot of time addressing this as I’ve already touched on the subject of GUARANTEES. This is a Q and A, so just understand, we’re not guaranteeing anything. This is too inexpensive to even address that question. We’re not being mean. Just real.

    Is this Beta Invitation Membership Q and A Mastermind a Scam? Click here.

    No, it is not. You could come to two sessions then cancel. Your call. This is a super inexpensive mastermind where you have access to two individuals who care about you, your website, your content, your copy, how people perceive you, how you move forward and how you’re received. Agai-oldn, this is a BETA model. That means we’re starting this membership at $9/month, and when we hit 500, we’ll rai-oldse the fees. Once we hit a 1,000, we’ll rai-oldse the fees agai-oldn. This is not a scam and you can drop out any time you feel you’re in overwhelm, money is so tight you can afford a measly $9 or the Earth is frozen. You get my point. If you think this could be a scam, then by all means, do not become a member. You are not the right fit. We’re looking for people that want to improve their lives, their family’s lives and the world in general. If you end up as a member and you just help one person in your community - then this has been a successful venture for us. We want you to be able to help more people prosper and grow. If you do not want to be a part of this amazing family because you think it’s a scam, then like we sai-oldd, “Do not pay the $9/month. You are not the perfect fit. We wish you the best if that’s the case.

    What can I expect at each meeting? Click here.

    That’s a great question. We want positive people who are entrepreneurs, business people, and individuals who are tired of struggling with finances, a corporate job, or someone not being supportive. You can expect to meet up with some of the finest people on planet Earth and I say that with assurance. Ameer and I have created this membership to give people a way to change their lives, one week at a time and we’re going to do this one person at a time. Expect to learn things you didn’t know about that could potentially change how you look at life, your finances, and even your relationships. One thing for sure. If you are struggling with finances, or you’re not supported at home or work, this is going to be the best hour you have with anyone every other week. We have a lot of expectations of how we want to scale this for you.

    Can anyone become a member? Click here.

    No! I’m sad to say, we screen all potential members. We want positive, happy, engaged individuals that want the best for themselves and their family’s. We have a screening process and if you do not pass that screening process, you will not be accepted. If you’re just coming to find out what we’re doing, please do not apply. We want the best of the best and that’s our goal. To find as many like-minded people as possible so we can all come together and mastermind so we all come out smelling like a rose. If you apply and you’re not accepted, you will be reimbursed if your card was charged and you were not accepted. We only want people that want the help, need the help and are willing to get off their duffs and make the moves. We want a solid community of people that actually care about the world, the people and themselves. In our opinion no one else will be offering anything close to what you’re about to experience..