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Do You Want To Learn The Online Money Making Secrets By Some Of The Best Online Entrepreneurs, Business Owners In The World & Learn Skills To Increase Your Income?

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    Join our private mastermind community of online marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners. Learn from the best entrepreneurs and business people… in the world… for less than the cost of lunch.

    • Discover how you can learn how to get hundreds of new customers and clients... without spending lots of money 

    • The simple way to transform customer/client relationships into long term clients

    • Learn the 2 easiest ways to create residual sales each and every month. How to move people from suspects to prospects… then to raving fans

    • The secret to working with like-minded people so that you can get over your fear of talking on video

    • Learn how to take a dull boring website and turn it into an ATM Money producing funnel/website with just a few clicks.

    • Create a book that everyone wants to read and respond to as soon as they see the cover

    • Move your content on your website to the next level

    • Discover the one thing that makes people BUY via one powerful sentence that turns on their dopamine hormone

    • Emotionalize your book and funnel/websites so everyone who reads it has a aha moment 

    • Finally discover the secret only a handful of people know about creating a relationship so people know, like and trust you immediately

    • Learn from the best entrepreneurs in the world for less than the cost of lunch.

    Our experts and elite members are experts in virtually every kind of online marketing you can think of. You ask, we'll answer and if we can't, they will so this mastermind will increase your business profits.
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    Features? No. Benefits? Yes!

    You are not going to gifted a bunch of useless features. You are going to be gifted a bunch of weekly benefits.

    • Monthly membership with access to our private mastermind community group.

      (Value $15,000 per year)

    • New experts every month on media buying, email marketing, copywriting, funnel design, and much, much more. (Value $10,000+ per year)

    • Cancel anytime.

    • Twice a month Q&A session ($1750 value per hour)

    ameer yasin

    “Anyone can learn how to make more money online, they just need the right guidance and someone who can help with the technical. If I can do it then anyone can”


    MasterMind Co-host

    Here are some of the skills we teach our members

    Here's how your investment can be 10x!

    • Grow your list

    • How to write your books

    • High converting copywriting

    • Chatbots

    • Groove.cm tips

    • Color theory

    • Optimize your websites

    • Webinar secrets

    • Web design 101

    • Breakdown websites

    • Sales funnel secrets

    • How to automate income

    • You message to market

    • How to pre-launch

    • Exclusive offers

    • How to get referrals

    • Create a affiliate program

    • Email copy provides

    • Facebook marketing secrets

    • How to retain customers

    • And many more...

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    HERE IS WHAT THE MasterMind

    IS NOT...

    • We will not break your bank account.

    • Don't worry. We're not going to ask you for $500 every month like others... Our membership fees are worth more than $500 per month, but we wanted to share this knowledge and know-how with like minded people who want to help their families the best way possible. We’re here to make this membership not only affordable, but an amazing experience, each and every month. That’s why we're asking only a small investment per month. It’s affordable, and barely covers our costs, but we’re here to serve you so you’ll tell your friends about this amazing low cost membership.

    • No tech jargon or confusing terms

    • We’re not like everyone else. We’re a small company with a small team and we’re not here to confuse you with words like “funnel” “squeeze page'' or “landing page”. We are going to show you step by step, move by move, how and why things work so you can become independent, not codependent.

    • Not private consulting.

    • Dr. Carney charges $2,500 and Ameer charges $1,500 per hour for private consulting. We've made this MasterMind available to you so we can answer any of your questions, give you tip and help you grow your business during a global pandemic.

    • We won't do the work for you.

    • We will hold you accountable to your goals if you would like. However, we will not do the work for you like building your funnels or writing your copy. We can definitely help you get this done faster. If you would like us to "do the work for you", check out our Gold package on BookAndMoney.com.

    • This is not a place to promote your business.

    • We are here to help you GROW your business and help you thrive online. That dose not mean you can use our audience as a way to promote your business. You are welcome to reach out to us if you think you have a solution our members would benefit from. 

    HERE IS WHAT THE MasterMind

    IS ...

    • A Growing Community Mastermind

    • Our Community Mastermind Q & A Format. This group coaching and consulting

      Q and A format on ZOOM allows you to network with like-minded people, fine tune your funnel and website content, plus get to know people that are on a similar journey as you. You will never be alone and left to all the tech. This Q and A eliminates all of that nonsense.

    • Ongoing Support.

    • Best-In-Class ongoing support. We care about our clients and we won't build anyone a fancy website, get the money, then forget them. We’re here for the long haul. We’re going to support you twice a month on our Q and A Zoom sessions. That means you’ll have access to all the recorded Q & A sessions plus we’re even going to throw in some additional weekly gifts and trainings. We’ve got a lot to give and we’ll never stop as long as you’re a member.

    • Easy, Simple To Follow Steps.

    • Easy, simple to follow steps. We follow a simple three-step formula, so you’ll never be forced to watch a long, 2-hour video on how to do something. Just sit back, make sure you’re on the Q & A’s, ask questions, and you’ll be set. We’re going to take the mystery out of making money online.

    • A growing community of like minded people

    • If you observe any "successful" person, they're always networking with like minded people who are focused on similar goals that they are. The live calls, plus the community in Facebook allows you to connect with people who have similar motivation and drive that you can relate to unlike your family and friends perhaps.

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    What Happens Next?

    Once you invest in the MakeMoney MasterMind, you will have access to our private members only Facebook group. You will also get all recordings of past sessions, a membership portal with more training and we will email you with the Zoom link to our next MasterMind call. We have two calls per month, typically the 2nd Tuesday in the morning and evening of the second last Thursday of each month.

    All trainings are recorded.

    What Some Of Our MasterMind Members Have Accomplished

    The Make Money MasterMind is a godsend for a woman like me who loves business without the technical hassles of figuring out and setting up the technology. The combination of Dr. Carney and Ameer's expertise is perfect. In my estimation, the Make Money MasterMind has demystified the process of automating my business while providing me the clarity I was missing. It's empowered me to take the next steps to profit significantly from my expertise. Thank you, Dr. Carney, Ameer, as well as everyone participating in developing their online business.

    - Celia Garcia.

    I genuinely look forward to each Make Money Mastermind meeting, this intimate group pf people has become like a family to me and I value their input and support more and more each day as I continue to learn, grow and build my company. The value of information is beyond measure and I can tell you that before this group, I didn't know the importance of a fraction of the information that they share so freely. "I don't know what I don't know" is the attitude that could cost me thousands of dollars in mistakes. I am just scratching the surface here but this really is the place for newbies like me and established business owners to come together and collaborate with some incredibly brilliant mentors and coaches. Thank you Dr. Carney, Ameer and everyone else that is in this group.

    - Apryl Redbird, Presentations That Pop



    make money mastermind

    Total Value: $597 (per month)

    TODAY ONLY: $99

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    ivan carney

    “I Made It My Passion To Help As Many People Possible Make More Money Doing What They Have A Passion For”

    Dr. Ivan Carney

    MasterMind Co-Host


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    • Customer Service

    • "We build loyal followers." How do we do that? Simple. We accept ALL major credit cards, even PayPal plus we give you a FAST RESPONSE to your questions. We treat you with respect, we listen to you, and we do our best to serve you the best way possible. When it comes to relationships, we hang our hats on building a long-term relationship with you. If we don't respond within 24 hours, message us again because something happened on our end like an internet glitch. We don't sell you something then leave you in the dust. We're here to help you accomplish YOUR goals. You won't be sorry. MORE VIDEOS COMING AS GIFTS FOR PEOPLE THAT SIGN UP FOR MASTERMIND + MORE GIFTS for the Bronze, Silver, and Gold package.

    • What if I don’t get any results?

    • As a doctor, you can’t guarantee results, but let me just say this. You’d be crazy not to become a member, just look at the price! (If this changes and we for some strange reason don’t change this, just be aware. We don’t have to. It’s our website and if we make a mistake, we make a mistake. We’re not perfect, but we make progress.) If you don’t get ANY results, I will personally tell you the secret to making this work better in the future. “Look in the mirror. Your problem is right in front of you.” Let me just say this as well. If you were hired by me and you didn’t get results from me right away, would you fire me and hire someone else? Would you give them a few hours to produce results and make you money? No, I’m sure you would not, so please, don’t try and hold us up with, “I’m not getting any results.” We’re going to give you so much for so little that if you’re not happy with yourself, (your results) then just take down your tent and leave. No hard feelings but I will guarantee you this. No one is going to give you more for less than we do. If you are unhappy with what you see and hear on the Q and A, email us. We’ll talk and find out if it’s a viable question. If our answer doesn’t satisfy you, and you’re just not able to do anything without someone hand feeding you, then please... cancel and move on. We’re not being mean. We just don’t have the time to deal with someone that nit picks. Wrong people. Wrong match.

    • Can I do this at my own pace?

    • This is a Q & A. You will be invited as a member twice a month. The sessions will last ONE HOUR. We respect your time, and you’re going to get the best of the best in that one hour every other week. All this means is we’re going to help as many people as we can in the span of those 2 hours per month. That hour is a long time if you’re working with one client, but we’re going to be working with a number of people. I told Ameer today, “Let’s give them a meeting AGENDA. You have three items to teach, and I have three items to teach. If we don’t have a lot of questions in between, we’ll be able to get those three things each and everyone should be super happy.”

    • What's the guarantee?

    • As I’ve already mentioned. With our fees for this Q and A Mastermind Membership being so inexpensive, there are no guarantees and I’m sure you understand that. I’m not going to waste a lot of time addressing this as I’ve already touched on the subject of GUARANTEES. This is a Q and A, so just understand, we’re not guaranteeing anything. This is too inexpensive to even address that question. We’re not being mean. Just real.

    • What can I expect?

    • That’s a great question. We want positive people who are entrepreneurs, business people, and individuals who are tired of struggling with finances, a corporate job, or someone not being supportive. You can expect to meet up with some of the finest people on planet Earth and I say that with assurance. Ameer and I have created this membership to give people a way to change their lives, one week at a time and we’re going to do this one person at a time. Expect to learn things you didn’t know about that could potentially change how you look at life, your finances, and even your relationships. One thing for sure. If you are struggling with finances, or you’re not supported at home or work, this is going to be the best hour you have with anyone every other week. We have a lot of expectations of how we want to scale this for you.

    • Can anyone become a member?

    • No! I’m sad to say, we screen all potential members. We want positive, happy, engaged individuals that want the best for themselves and their family’s. We have a screening process and if you do not pass that screening process, you will not be accepted. If you’re just coming to find out what we’re doing, please do not apply. We want the best of the best and that’s our goal. To find as many like-minded people as possible so we can all come together and mastermind so we all come out smelling like a rose. If you apply and you’re not accepted, you will be reimbursed if your card was charged and you were not accepted. We only want people that want the help, need the help and are willing to get off their duffs and make the moves. We want a solid community of people that actually care about the world, the people and themselves. In our opinion no one else will be offering anything close to what you’re about to experience..

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