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''How To Generate Profit Running Automated Emails''

Total Value: $12,994

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    What You're Gonna Get:

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  • Seven Email Templates

  • $997

    You will receive seven emails written by Dr. Carney that you can use and model.

  • Four Email Rewrites

  • $1000

    Dr. Carney takes students emails, rewrites and will show you how to make your emails 100x more effective. MORE TO BE ADDED.

  • Get Your Emails Delivered Secrets

  • $2997

    Learn the secrets of how to get the best email deliverability in inboxes and avid being flagged as a spammer.

  • 4 Live Q/A sessions

  • $8000

    You will receive 4 live group Q/A sessions specifically about email marketing.

    YES - I Want All Of This Right Now!

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    Yes, I want to master email marketing!
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  • Satisfaction Guaranteed, if you follow our steps!

  • BIG Limited Time Bonus

    You Get This Included

    Total Value: $5,000 Per Letter

    Dr. Carney has written a five page sales letter. This is sales letter copy you can use anywhere. 

    On your website, funnel, landing page, etc.

    If you were to pay him for this letter, it would be $1,000/page or more. Depending on a lot of variables.

    So you can buy the email course for $297.00 today, the one right in front of you, and he'll share this entire document with you so you can use it as a template to write your own book sales letter or you can just pay $197.00 for this newly written copy perfect template. 

    Again, this is a $5,000 sales letter.

    If you've ever written copy for your website or funnel, even your book, you know it takes hours and hours to write good copy, let alone editing it, formatting it, and making the transitions seamless.

    Again, you need to make a decision today.

    If you want this deal tomorrow that deal will be GONE. No scarcity, just the truth. By tomorrow, this offer will be $1,297.00 without the template. Again if you just want the template, that's only $197 and you'll get the editable version. You cannot share it with anyone, but if you are an affiliate you can send them to us and we'll pay you 25% of what they pay us, minus the processing fee.

    dr ivan carney

    Email Master - Dr. Ivan Gale Carney

    What makes our emails different?

    The Man, Myth & Legend

    • Over 30 plus years in marketing and email copywriting experience.

    • Charges $2,500 per hour in consultations.

    •  He charges $200/email when I work for big corporations, so when you get four as part of our other courses, you're getting a sweet deal.

    Learn Emails

    Get high delivered emails.

    Nurture Your Leads

    Build trust with clients.

    Get The Scrips

    Scripts you can model.

    satisfaction guarentee

    Here's Our Personal Guarantee To You

    Work with us for one full year. If we do not deliver the results we promised in our offer. Results may very but there is no guarantee that you will make any money. We can't and don't live with you, know your level of commitment, but again, if you make all the moves and protocols and you don't make your money back, just reach out and we'll talk about this guarantee so you'll be taken care of.

    Ameer & Dr. Carney

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